How Automobile Air Bag System Works?

How Car Airbag System Works

Modern day automobiles employes many systems like ABS, ESP, ESC etc to keep car safer and safer. Air Bag system is another important safety feature used commonly. The system helps in protecting the driver from serious injury that could be caused as a result of crashing onto steering wheel or dashboard during an accident. True, …

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Why I-Section Beam is structurally better than same weight other sections?

I-Section Beam

When deciding for the beam section to have, the first consideration to be done is what purpose it need to serve i.e. what kind of loads it will deal with. In general the following cross section choices are available for a beam in market – Rectangular/Square Section Box/Hollow Rectangular Section Circular Section Hollow Circular Section …

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Micro vs Mild vs Full Hybrid Vehicle

Micro Hybrid Car Working

When a motor vehicle is partially or fully powered by more than one type of power source (mostly fossil fuel and battery power) then it is called hybrid vehicle.   Hybrid cars are most commonly classified in following three categories: Micro hybrid Mild hybrid Full hybrid   Micro hybrid Not a hybrid in true sense …

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How Chocolates are Made

Process and machinery required for Chocolate Manufacturing

There is hardly anyone who hates chocolate. This has made chocolate manufacturing a billion dollar industry with U.S.A being the largest consumer of chocolates. The process of dark chocolate manufacturing goes dates back to 1100 BC and the process remains unchanged, sparing the use of sophisticated machinery in the process.   The process and machinery …

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How LCRV or LSPV Braking System Works

Vehicle Load Distribution While Braking and Acceleration

Brake system of an automobile, as you already know how it works, stops the wheel from rotating further. But in conventional hydraulic braking system, at all the wheels equal amount of hydraulic brake fluid pressure get transmitted as a result, at all the wheels equal amount of braking force get developed irrespective of loading, acceleration …

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