How Chocolates are Made

Process and machinery required for Chocolate Manufacturing

There is hardly anyone who hates chocolate. This has made chocolate manufacturing a billion dollar industry with U.S.A being the largest consumer of chocolates. The process of dark chocolate manufacturing goes dates back to 1100 BC and the process remains unchanged, sparing the use of sophisticated machinery in the process.   The process and machinery …

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How LCRV or LSPV Braking System Works

Vehicle Load Distribution While Braking and Acceleration

Brake system of an automobile, as you already know how it works, stops the wheel from rotating further. But in conventional hydraulic braking system, at all the wheels equal amount of hydraulic brake fluid pressure get transmitted as a result, at all the wheels equal amount of braking force get developed irrespective of loading, acceleration …

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How to calculate vehicle speed from engine RPM and vice versa

Suppose your motor vehicles speedometer not working and you need to know your vehicle speed for the given engine speed for a certain gear ratio. How you can do that , let’s see.. Say, Engine rpm= 3000 Gear ratio=1.5 Axle ratio = 4 Tyre size = 12 inch radius The formula for calculating vehicle speed …

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The Challenges of New Eco-Friendly Tech – Are Electric Cars Really That Green?

Increasing the focus on renewable energy sources is gaining more and more traction around the globe, and as consumers and the public gain a better understanding of how things like wind turbines work, as they continue to pop up on the horizon, it is easy to think that we are heading down the right path …

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Bolted Joint Design Calculation Example for Joint in Tension

bolted Joint Force Details

Properly designed bolted joint is extremely important for striking the balance between the cost and life of the joint. As a design engineer, for a good bolted joint design, for a given loading conditions and materials of the abutments, you have to basically select the following design parameters: Diameter or size of the bolt or …

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