Applied Mathematical Modeling of SISO Physical Mechanical System – Part1 –Developing System Equations

SISO Physical Mechanical System Representation

Developing system equations is the important first step for finding solution of a physical mechanical system. Here, I will discuss the procedure for creating the system equations to model a Single Input Single Output (SISO) mechanical system.     Example: Find out the displacement [x (t)] with respect to time for the mass m for …

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Working of Power Brake Vacuum Booster Simplified

Figure-1: Brake Vacuum Booster,  Pedal at Normal Condition

What does a brake booster do?         When you press the brake pedal of your car, as you press it more, you apply more pressure through your leg, and more amount of braking applied to your car.     Brake vacuum servo booster helps increasing the braking of the car without increasing the pedal effort. …

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Vehicle Stopping Distance Calculation Equations and Example

Braking distance calculation

Imagine you are driving, you suddenly see a obstacle in the middle of the road. Now, before you actually press the brake pedal, you, as a human being, will take some time for thinking or analyzing the situation. This time is called thinking time and the distance covered during this time is called thinking distance. …

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Tractive Force Calculation for a Vehicle

Tractive Force of Vehicle

  Tractive force or tractive effort or traction is the force applied between the tire and road surface to move a car or any vehicle for that matter. The maximum permissible traction force that can be applied to the wheels is governed by two things: the weight of the vehicle and the adhesion coefficient between the …

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Tire Rolling Circumference Calculation Example

Tire Specification Code Reading

Wheel rolling radius or static loaded radius is taken as input for tire rolling circumference calculation. The rolling circumference (RC), in turns, is further considered as input in various vehicle dynamics calculation like traction force calculation and grade ability calculation. The formula used here is quite simple, RC = 2 x ∏ x SLR……………….eq.1 Where, SLR …

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