Friction welding vs Friction Stir welding

Friction vs Friction Stir Welding

Welding is a common industrial process employed to join two similar or dissimilar metals. There are various types of welding methods with each having its own merits and demerits. However in today’s advanced scenario the aerospace and automotive industries have become very challenging with requirements for light weight yet stronger parts. Hence the welding processes …

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7 Important 3D Printing Technologies – You Must Know

3D Printing Technology -VAT Photopolymerisation

3D Printing, a competitor for the conventional manufacturing processes  (i.e., manufacturing by material removal),  is the process of additive manufacturing where the manufacturing is done by adding layers of material with a binder in between. Theoretically, the process is simple – the desired products are designed in design software (eg.Autodesk Inventor) with required dimensions and saved …

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Automobile Traction Control System Basics and Application

The early 80s saw a lot of advancements in the field of automotive engineering, mostly concerned with safety during driving and to make the driving a lot easier during adverse conditions. As a result a chain of new safety features came out namely ABS (Anti-Lock Braking system), TCS (Traction Control system) and ESP (Electronic Stability …

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How Automobile Air Bag System Works?

How Car Airbag System Works

Modern day automobiles employes many systems like ABS, ESP, ESC etc to keep car safer and safer. Air Bag system is another important safety feature used commonly. The system helps in protecting the driver from serious injury that could be caused as a result of crashing onto steering wheel or dashboard during an accident. True, …

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Why I-Section Beam is structurally better than same weight other sections?

I-Section Beam

When deciding for the beam section to have, the first consideration to be done is what purpose it need to serve i.e. what kind of loads it will deal with. In general the following cross section choices are available for a beam in market – Rectangular/Square Section Box/Hollow Rectangular Section Circular Section Hollow Circular Section …

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