Quarter car suspension simulation using SolidThinking Activate

Free Body Diagram of Sprung Mass of Quarter Car Suspension Model

In the previous tutorial we have seen how you can create a 1d model of typical spring damper and simulate it dynamically either by using the differential equations or by transfer function through SolidThinking Activate (or by Simulink). Here we will see how to simulate a simplified suspension system of a quarter car model. The …

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Modeling Single Input Single Output System using SolidThinking Activate

Spring Damper System Response for Reduced Damping

Few weeks back SolidThinking Activate (equivalent to Matlab Simulink) is released under its math and system modelling portfolio. Being a Simulink user thought of exploring it with the classical spring and damper system, a single input single output (SISO) system. The system   Image source: wiki   Where, m = 1 kg; k = 1 …

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SolidThinking Inspire 2016.1 Released

SolidThinking Inspire 2016.1PolyNURBS

Few weeks back SolidThinking Inspire version 2016.1 has been released. I am following the tool from its version 2015 avatar, and really happy the way the tool is flexing its muscle to become probably the most easy to use yet powerful concept generation/optimization for the design engineers. Some new features, I found useful as design …

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Do Value Engineering Upfront, Right at Design Stage


Typically the value engineering (VA/VE) practices take already designed, validated and productionised components and apply the VA/VE methodologies to increase the value of the product either by reducing cost (weight) or increasing functionality.   What if we, the designers or design engineers, could do the value enhancement of the product at virtual concept design stage …

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High Pressure Die Casting

High pressure die casting or HPDC Block diagram of HPDC process is shown below, molten metal is poured into the cylinder where the piston force the molten metal to flow into the mould cavity.   Once the poured metal inside the mould cavity get cold and take shape the die halves got opened and the …

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