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Laser Cutting Process

Normally the Carbon dioxide (CO2 laser is used here for precision cutting of materials. CO2 laser is typically produced by passing a current into the DC –excited gas mix. The laser beam is then directed and controlled by computer to cut the work piece.

laser cutting Laser Cutting Process

Fig.1: Laser Cutting Process

Level of surface finish achieved: 6.3-0.20 micro meters


-      Very fast rate of operation

-      Narrow heat affected zone

-      Complicated profile can be cut

-      Very hard brittle materials can be cut


-      Costly equipment

-      Maximum thickness that laser can cut is 6mm for plain carbon steel

Ideal applications: the laser cutting can be applied for boring, cutting, engraving variety of materials including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, titanium, epoxy, plywood, copper.

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